Life Hack: No Knead Bread


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bad Bread is cheap

Good bread is expensive.

So what is the solution, where is the middle ground: an Easy No Knead bread.

So say you hate baking, hate cooking, this recipe is so easy it might change your mind.


3 cups Flour (all purpose or bread flour)

1/4 teaspoon instant yeast

1 1/4 teaspoon salt

1 5/8 cup of warm water

Take it all, mix it in a bowl, wrap it up with plastic liner or a cloth and let it sit for 8-12 hours


Then, when it has risen it will be all puffy and have little holes and a stringy texture. Ideally, you want to be able to shape it a little on a cutting board. Put some flour on a cutting board, dump the dough out, fold it into its self a few times, shape it into a ball, put it on a linen towel and cover with another towel to let rise. A cornmeal dusting on the bottom of the loaf before baking is a nice addition, but I don’t think it is entirely needed.

It will double in size, bake it in a pot with a lid at 400-450 degrees for 20-30 min with lid on and another 20 or so minutes with lid offno-knead-bread


Now, sometimes this recipe might be hard to work with, You’ll let it rise and find you might have some trouble with the dough as it feels too wet and too hard to shape. It definitely will not be hard like a kneaded dough. It will take some practice before you get the hang of it and technique, but a 2.50$ bag of flour will make about 6-8 loaves.

I spend no more than 2.50$ on bread a month.

This is not that great for school lunches or quick sandwiches, but it is perfect for soups or toast.

Republic Wireless one of the best no-contract cell phone plans


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Now, since I’m all about saving money, I have to be honest with you, this could be good or bad, it depends on your situation.

My phone plan of choice, no contract, low payments is !! Republic Wireless if you sign up with a referral from a friend you get 19$ off your first month payment.

A cell phone is a must in the world today, more importantly, a quality smart phone that lets you check email, call, stay connected–man you know what phones do.

But, the price can be a problem.

If you are young or on your parents’ plan, perfect, stay on their good side and collect that sweet unlimited text and data and calling.

If you have a bad life, no money, are on your own–starting out in the world, in school, working a terrible job, with bills piling up, sometimes a cell phone is a horrible drain.

Let’s do some quick math. Say you sign up with AT&T or T-Mobile for an iPhone, unless you go for a budgeted plan that limits data, calling and text, you are going to pay 60-70$. Some might say, you don’t need unlimited, well then I say you must have never screwed up and went over data, call and text, because that is a sure way to get deep into debt.

An unlimited plan, plus the cost of the phone priced into each month’s bill, you might be paying (with tax) close to 100$ a month.

You can get an iPhone 4 (which is nothing special) from T-mobile and your bill will be (with a basic plan of 500mb data and unlimited text and talk and web) 67$ + tax and service charges. You’ll be paying for the phone, 17$ a month for 2 years, even though there is no contract.

Well, you do get a quality phone and service, so what of the price? Some people need a good reliable phone for work and they are fine with paying.

But for a money saving scrapper like me, Republic Wireless is the way to go.

I don’t need to talk to people on the phone all the time. I don’t need to use a phone for internet. I need a phone so my work can call me, my family and a few friends from time to time, have a way to call in if I break down on the road and I don’t want to pay 100$-70$ a month for such little use.

Republic wireless gives you a choice of plans, with no contract. The best plan imo is the 25$ unlimited text, talk and 3g data.

I would rather pay 30$ a month than 70$.

The only catch is, you have to buy their phone straight away and you don’t have much of a choice in selection. Their new phone is the Moto X



Not a bad android phone.

Now, Republic wireless can charge so little because their phones are set up to use wi-fi to text and call and surf. When you are not connected to wi-fi the phone uses a sprint service. So, it is not perfect, the call quality is not as good as T-Mobile or AT&T.

If quality is everything to you and you would rather pay the price for it, this is not the phone for you. But, if you need a cheap phone and service that can perform, Republic Wireless might be a good fit.

The Moto X is 300$ up front (with tax and shipping) 327-330$

your monthly payment with the 25$ plan will  come close to 30$. Over a year 30 x 12 = 360$ plus the initial cost of the phone 327$ it comes to be close to 700$—1400$ for two years

Now, with a t-mobile basic plan, iPhone 4: 50$ plan, plus cost of phone per month will be 67$ , plus tax and service, let’s be nice and say it is just 75$ a month.

12 x 75 = 900. For two years it will total 1800$ (that is with a the generous price on tax and service)

Republic wireless is a 400$ savings, not much, but for a person struggling in the world, that 400$ might mean everything, hell, you might have enough money to do a few things to make yourself happy.

You can check out the plans, the phone, the forums and see if it is a good fit for you.


Fixing a clogged toilet


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Welp, some moron clogged the toilet. As long as a strange object was not put down the drain, there might be hope. Do not call a plumber just yet, and you might not need an annoying plumbing snake




you might be tempted to go and get an expensive bottle of drain cleaner. Before you do, take a bottle of dishsoap and dump that sucker into the toilet. If it is just a toilet paper clog, the soap might be enough to loosen the clog. Let it soak for a half hour, flush, then cross your fingers. The clog might free up and save you the 8$ bottle of top of the line drain cleaner or the more expensive plumber.